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Discover what I’m using to attract highly-targeted buyers, engaging them and making probably 10 times as many sales
as some of my competitors… which is what really matters.

What we do at The App Shoppe is simple.  We tell your story, we breathe life into you online presence.  When we tell your story people listen.  We support the growth of your business through technology and homegrown support.  We are the App makers.  Join us in the App Revolution TODAY!

If you would like to see some previews in our previewer I can send you the codes.  Just email me at or go here and you will see app codes and the viewer.  If you want some app codes and just want to look through the previewer email me for the codes and go here

Would you like to have your customers coming back more often and buying more stuff?  Would you like to gain new customers, go viral and be able to brand yourself with ease?  

Most people say, “Yes!”

I say, “There’s an app for that!”

Yes, you will not believe it.  I have access to the newest technology that says the you the small to medium business owner can have their own mobile app.  We custom design your app to fit your business needs.  We don’t stop there.  We actually coach you and train your staff to utilize the app for the best returns.  The great thing is that we will do it all for you.  If you don’t have the time, hell, we want to make sure that you’re so busy that you don’t have time to fool with any of this!  We are the one stop shop.  Here is what we offer:

Here are Just a Few of Our Mobile App Features…

Send Unlimited Push NotificationsApp Analytics

      • Constant branding:  Have your logo on your customer’s phone 24/7!   Strengthen your base by offering customers special discounts and coupons for using your app. Offers can be “unlocked” based on your criteria.
      • Viral Marketing tools with our “Tell a Friend” button This is where rubber meets the road people!  People love to share their great apps.  We make this possible.
      • Social Media:  You want everyone to see you everywhere!  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, websites, and more.  VIRAL BUZZ Get them talking about you FAST, using our built-in sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.
      • Platform for “PROOF” your specialities, articles, testimonials
      • shopping right through the app!!!!!!!! How cool is that!  Customers can buy your products and services through the app and come buy to pick the up later!  you set the limits!  You are in control
      • One touch calling so that no one has to look up your phone number in the phone book again!  Very impressive when you are driving
      • GPS directions right to your front door…….Drive your customers to you.   Give customers turn-by-turn GPS directions from anywhere in the world – directly to your business!
      • “PUSH” notifications and SMS texts! Send out Coupons and discounts, special events, all the communication tools to help you keep your customers up to date.  Send instant messages whenever you wish. 4% – 10% of e-mails get opened — 97% of “PUSH” notifications get read. …hello?!?
        Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events and specials by creating an events calendar.
        Track your daily, weekly, and monthly app downloads with our powerful, built-in analytics feature

Do it Yourself Package:

I set you up with the templates and you go to town.  If you are computer savvy and are able to do you own graphic design work and website design, then GO FOR IT!

  1. Templates
  2. tutorial videos on how to do it yourself
  3. You pay the $99 each fee for iTunes and Android
  4. You are responsible for the hosting, maintaining, and marketing.
  5. You are responsible for the $57 per month hosting and service fee

$997 or 2 payments of $575

Full Service App Design and Marketing

  1. Best Return on Investment.
  2. 3 months coaching and training if you want to maintain your own app or
  3. 3 months of us maintaining, updating, and marketing your app
  4. 3 updates per week for 3 months
  5. 10 “PUSH” Messages per week
  6. Fee for Android and Apple Market waived
  7. 3 months of support
  8. You are responsible for the monthly hosting and service at $57 per month

Total Value: $15,000 for this month only $10,000 or 5 payments of $2200

Custom App Design Only

  1. Get your app built from the Ground up
  2. All features included and you let us know what else you would like to see it do
  3. Design, market and update for 1 month after the app goes live
  4. Android and Apple fees waived
  5. Training for you to take it over once it goes live.
  6. You are responsible for the hosting and service fee of $57 per month

Total Value: $6000 for this month only $3000 or 3 payments of $1200

Email for purchasing through paypal and google and I will send you your link.

Some Q and A

Q. What Types Of Sites/Business Should Have A Mobile App?
A. Any Traditional Offline Business, Many Online Businesses Where The Website Is Updated Frequently AND There Is A High
Degree of User Interactivity. Apple Likes Apps Where Users Incorporate Native Abilities Built Into Apple Smart Devices
(Sharing Photos, GPS Direction, 1-Touch Calling, Push Messages, RSS Feeds, Social Media, Etc.)
Q. What Type Of Site Should NOT Have An App?
A. Sites That Are Nothing More Than Direct Sales Pages, Sites That Are Self-Replicated Sites… Identical To  Thousands Of Others, Most MLM Sites Unless You Are The Founder Of The MLM And Creating It For Your Distributors And Customers.  You have to have a variety of content, articles, blogs, fan pages, you tube, etc….this is a content rich app.  Perfect for Real Estate Agents and investors, restaurants, coaches, business and executive coaches, stores, retail and service businesses, etc….

NOTE: If You Are Unsure, Please Ask Before Submitting Your Site. The App Needs To Contain Functionality That
Encourages A High Degree Of Interactivity!
Q. Will These Apps Work In Any Country?
A. Yes!

Q. Can They Be Done In Any Language?
A. NO. We Have The Capability To Do Them In Many Languages, But Since My Designers And Programmer Speak
Primarily English, This Offer Is For English Language Only! Contact Me Privately To Discuss Other Languages
At My Regular Prices.

Q. How Can You Afford To Offer Apps So Cheaply?

A. I believe the power of small business to occupy the economy and since they create the most jobs, I decided not to charge what they others charge for app development which is sometimes 10s of thousands of dollars.  I am only offering this deal for a limited time.  Since my orders are going up on a daily basis I will have to raise prices soon to be able to catch up.

Q. When Do You Start Billing?
A. After you approve your app And You Are Automatically Billed $57 Every 30
Days After That!

Q. How Soon Will I Have My Apps Package?
A. My Team Starts Working On Orders As Soon As They Come In But Normal Delivery Is 1 Week.

Since I DO Expect 2000 Or More Orders With This offer, I Will Promise Delivery On This App In 2 Weeks. Orders
Are Processed In The Order That They Are Received!

Q. Do You Offer A Guarantee?
A. You Must Be Satisfied With You App Or we will work untill it is.  Our employees and staff have to be paid for the time and effort they put into your app.  If you decide this is not for you before we start working on it and putting all those people to work for you then we will give you your money back minus  the first payment.  This is to cover our expenses incurred by getting ready to develop your app. Once The App Is Live In The App Stores, There is no refund.

Q. Do I Get The Code To The App?
A. NO! The App Code Is Proprietary And Hosted On Our Servers. Our Servers Feed The Apps Updates, Messages,
Etc. To The Respective Servers.

Q. Can I Send Unlimited Messages?
A. Yes, You Can Send Unlimited Push Messages. Beware That If You Overdo This Your Users Will Uninstall The App.

NOTE: These Are Not SMS Text Messages. That Is A Different Technology Where You Are Typically Charged By The Number
Of Messages That You Broadcast. These Are Messages Of 128 Characters Or Less That You Typically Use To Inform
Them Of A Special Offer, Site Update, Webinar About To Start, Etc.

Q. Do I Own The App?
A. Yes, You Own The App But We Do Not Give You The Code, And It Has To Be Hosted On Our Servers. You Get Access To
A Control Panel Where You Manage Your App.

Q. How Do I Cancel My Subscription.
A. If You Fail To Make A Monthly Payment, We Will Notify You Several Times And Once You Are 15 Days Late, Your App
Will Be Deactivated. You Can Also Contact Us At Any Time Via Our Support Desk, And We Will Cancel Your Order
Immediately.  You will get an email to tell you how to do this.

Q. Why Are You Really Doing This?
A.  I wanted to show local and online businesses how easy it is to get your business to shine above the noise of the internet.  Here is my most recent show where I describe this fully. via The App Shoppe on

Q. Can I Resell These Apps?
A. We Will Bill Customers At $57 Per Month, But Don’t Restrict Who Signs Up. We Also Don’t Restrict How Many Times
You Order, But Each Order Has To Be Placed Separately. If You Want To Purchase Apps At This Price And Then Sell Them
To One Of Your Customers You Can Do That. However, We Would Be Billing YOU Directly, And You Would Be Responsible For
Billing/Collecting From Your Customers And Paying Us On-time.

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