Personal Story Equals Personal Brand

I wanted to continue my posts about personal branding.  I have really enjoyed my journey so far as app designer for small to medium sized businesses.  I have discovered along the way that when we are free to be us we shine.  So why do we have to become someone else in our marketing? That question got me really thinking about what I can do for my clients and prospects to help them down this road of personal branding.

I learned this week that the marketplace doesn’t like to being sold to.  I also learned from interviewing a few thousands friends on facebook and twitter that we also are turned off any marketing methods that are bragging about what you have and have accomplished.  I thought to myself, “Why tell your story?  How do you tell about yourself without sounding like you are bragging?” Well, knowing me, if I have the question in my mind I am going to ask it to my followers and friends.

So I did and I got an amazing answer and then I found  I discovered that the marketplace, i.e., your friends and family don’t want to be sold to, they want to relate to you.  They want to find themselves in your story.  This is what I plan to do help businesses find their customers by linking to them through their stories.  It all begins with your about page.  So, after watching this video and reading my post use the space below to tell your story in a way that doesn’t brag and helps others see themselves in your story.  Let’s help each other relate to one another and build lasting customer relationships!  Until next time……. Many Blessings

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THis is The App Revolution. Are you Ready?

This is The App Revolution!

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The Bendable Phone

I have to say, this caught me by surprise.  So much for the ‘cold hands’ excuse.  In the near future, we will not have to worry about our hands getting cold and the touch screen not working on our smart phones!  Catch up to Nokia people!  They have some of the best phones out there!

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