Business Builders with Robert G. Allen


Whew! Since Robert offered his free webinars this past week, things have been really exciting over here.

People are reaching out to me because they want to learn the exact same strategies Robert has used to build his million-dollar Information Empire.

You can do the same, here:

As you probably know by now, Robert considers it his personal mission to help people just like you to create and build their fortunes, using information they already possess.

But I get it. I understand if you’re not ready to take what he’s offering at face value. Maybe you’re just not sure whether Robert’s “Multiple Streams of Millions” course is for you. To help you make that decision, I’ve included in this email a few of the questions we hear most frequently, and their answers:

Q: I have no idea what I’d sell. I don’t have a book idea or a ton of expertise. Can I still benefit from this course?

A: Absolutely. One of the most amazing components of what Robert will teach you is that you don’t need to have your own expertise or idea – you can partner with someone who does and market their expertise or idea in a unique way. If you’re creative (or can learn to be) and willing to work at it, this course will benefit you – and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to the bank with your first million.

Q: I don’t have any capital to invest in a start-up. Is it worth taking this course, anyway?

A: Yes! You’ll learn that you can create your new product or service for next to nothing, with many of the techniques Robert will reveal during this course. With today’s technology, you can build a million-dollar business with practically NOTHING invested but your time and energy.

Q: I’m not really a people person. Will your system work for me if I don’t want to speak in public or attend book signings?

A: Again, let’s get back to today’s technology. With the advent of the Internet – and Internet video – you can enter people’s offices and living rooms without ever leaving yours. So if you want to give your clients a personal feeling without actually getting personal, you can send a video out over the internet – and never have to get face-to-face, if that is not your thing.

Q: I am already so far in debt I can’t see straight. How can I justify yet another expense?

A: Consider this an investment. You can easily cut your costs for one month and recoup the cost of this investment – AND, more importantly, as you launch your own Information Empire, I think you’ll find that you recoup well more than what you invest in no time. Can you afford NOT to invest, and to continue living in debt your whole life?

Q: I’m so sick of my J-O-B! Will the information I learn from Robert help me to become financially independent?

A: This course is designed to teach you how to create a successful Information Empire that supports you completely. Of course, your results will depend on how much effort, time and energy you put in, and how well you internalize and then use what you learn. As always, you’re covered by Robert’s 100%, money back guarantee – so even if you don’t feel like it’s worth the investment (which I’m confident you WILL), then you can get your money back!

So now are you ready? Here’s that link again so you can read success stories from people just like you who used their hard-earned expertise to get themselves out of debt, out of a job they hated and into a lifestyle filled with more free time, more freedom and more money!

To your success,

[Your Name Here]

P.S. The course begins on Thursday, December 1st @ 4pm PST – so reserve your spot now

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This is your final reminder that Robert Allen’s “Multiple Streams of Millions” course begins Dec. 1!

Get your spot NOW, so you don’t get behind:

As a quick recap, here’s what you can expect to walk away with:

  • A rock-solid blueprint for creating your own Information Empire, which will allow you to live a life doing what you love, enjoying more free time, and reaching the people who most need to learn from you 
  • A proven system for putting that blueprint into use so you can build your fortune 
  • A sense of exactly what you have to offer, to whom, and HOW to present your offer so people can’t wait to hear – and buy – from you 
  • An outline for your book manuscript so you can sit down and start writing (or a plan for getting someone to do the writing for you, if you don’t like writing!)
  • A whole new life!

So are you ready? You can have it all, starting TODAY.

Reserve your spot here:

One more time, here’s a quick recap of what the program covers:

  • Info-Preneuring: The Real Wealth of the New Millennium – the information you have inside your head is already worth a million dollars. You just have to monetize it. You’ll learn how even one mediocre idea with some good marketing power can generate a lifetime stream of cash. 
  • Write Your Way To Millions: The Book Inside You – you may not know exactly how just yet, but you can turn yourself into a sought-after expert who also earns millions of dollars per year. Robert will share with you the precise method he’s used to write all 10 of his best-selling, multi-million-dollar-making books from start to finish. 
  • Speak Your Way to Millions: Vocalize Your Message – you’ve got to spread your message to the people who most need it, and that means your information empire must include a speaking component. Robert will explain why it’s crucial to learn to speak (live or on camera) and why, if you don’t, you and your millions will go up in smoke. 
  • Internet Your Way to Millions: Making Money In Front of Your Very Eyes – when you harness the power of the internet, you can make money 24 hours per day. Robert will share the exact same system he has used to generate millions of dollars online.

Here’s that link again so you can read success stories from people just like you who used their hard-earned expertise to get themselves out of debt, out of a job they hated and into a lifestyle filled with more free time, more freedom and more money!

It all starts Dec. 1!

To your success,


P.S. The course begins in just a few days – reserve your spot now so you don’t get behind!

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